Meyers Vocational Consulting Services is a family run business that has been providing vocational consulting services since 1997 in Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County, and throughout the United States.

Services include vocational expert testimony, earning capacity evaluation, job analysis, and vocational consulting services in family law, personal injury, long term disability, workers’ compensation, long shoreman cases and other legal proceedings.  In addition to vocational rehabilitation services, Meyers VCS also offers Life Care Planning Services with Christopher Meyers as the firm’s Certified Life Care Planner (CLCP).  Meyers VCS is a federally approved Employment Network (EN) for the Social Security Administration’s Ticket-to-Work Program.  Meyers VCS is committed to providing objective, thorough vocational services on each and every case.

John C. Meyers founded the company in 1997, and built a reputation as a reliable and objective consultant for vocational rehabilitation services.  John currently focuses his practice on employment law evaluations, pediatric injury evaluations, workers’ compensation permanent disability evaluations, pediatric personal injury evaluations, and catastrophic personal injury evaluations.

Meyers VCS is now owned and operated by John’s sons Aaron and Christopher Meyers.

Christopher J. Meyers joined the firm in 2012 and has become a respected vocational rehabilitation and life care planning expert locally and throughout the United States.  Christopher’s practice is diverse including clinical and forensic vocational rehabilitation services in multiple areas in addition to life care planning services.  Christopher took over as owner and managing partner in 2022.

Aaron began working for Meyers Vocational Consulting Services in high school as a typist.  He went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from San Diego State University in 2009.  After graduating from SDSU, Aaron re-joined the firm in 2009.  He has delivered superior customer service in his primary function as the Office Manager and Operations Specialist.  Aaron became a partner of Meyers Vocational Consulting Services in 2022.